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Experience the next generation of smoking with Weeds! Each package contains 20 refillable heat sticks, designed to be filled with your favorite herbs, including marijuana. Weeds are compatible with popular devices like IQOS, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience. Unlike traditional smoking methods, Weeds do not produce an overpowering smell, allowing you to smoke wherever you want without attracting unwanted attention. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of rolling and embrace a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle with Weeds. Ideal for those on the move, upgrade to Weeds today!

  • 20 fillable heat sticks per package
  • 10 packs included in each box (Total 200 Heat sticks)
  • A healthier alternative to traditional smoking
  • Discreet usage in public with minimal odor
  • Each stick can hold 0.1-0.15g of herb
  • Detailed filling instructions included inside the box
  • Each filled stick can be used twice in your heater
  • It is not going to affect the smoking experience. Any herb residue left inside is too minimal to affect anybody.
  • The part that gets hot inside the tobacco heating device reaches the temperature of 350 degrees. The temperature in the tobacco heater chamber is approximately 180 degrees, which makes it perfect for heating Marijuana.

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