Vibes Hemp King Size Papers and Tips 24ct


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The kingsize papers are a dynamic size; perfect for passing around a circle with friends, or a solo session for a heavy smoker. Vibes recommends the king size joint for sharing with 3-5 people. Display includes 24 booklets with 33 papers and 33 tips and can hold up to about 1g of flower. Vibes filter tips are highly recommended to add extra airflow, extending the session time and making the rice paper burn even slower.

  • 24 booklets of 33 papers and tips
  • Made with 100% organic hemp fibers that provide next-level flavor. The hemp is expertly crafted for a slow and even burn.
  • Vibes Tips help to create the perfect cone shape while catching any debris from sticking to your lips or being inhaled.
  • 110mm in size and can hold 1g of herb

Vibes Hemp paper provides a slow, even burn for a next level smoking experience!


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