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The Hippy - Display Box (1.25 w/ Tips) - Canadian Lumber All Natural Hemp & Flax Paper

Canadian Lumber All Natural Hemp & Flax Paper is made from 100% unrefined and unbleached hemp & flax. The papers are soft to the touch resembling rice paper without the bleached rice.

The display box comes with 22 rolling paper booklets in a retail-style box. These booklets are 1.25 (1 1/4) in length and come with tips and the reversible tray package. All Canadain Lumber 1.25 booklets come with the revisable tray package which can be flipped and folded on the creases to create an on-the-go tray!

The Hippy by Canadian Lumber has a unique blend of 50/50 Flax and Hemp. A very high percentage of flax allows for these papers to have a similar feel and experience to rice papers while avoiding the bleach that comes with white rice. The Hippy Canadian Lumber rolling paper is soft with a nice texture that makes The Hippys easy to roll and provides a light experience.

Canadian Lumber rolling papers are 100% all-natural including the Arabic gum seal. The Arabic gum is similar to tree sap and comes from a conflict-free company in West Africa. The papers are all unbleached and unrefined. Meaning you can see the fibers still intact in the paper. This allows for a natural even burn. Our papers are tested by Guelph University and the results are published on our website. Canadian Lumber products are also TUV SUD Certified which is the European product standardized testing.

Canadian's have been chopping trees and rolling logs since the birth of our Nation. Keep the tradition rolling with Canadian Lumber by sharing your roots @CdnLumber
If you or your store is interested in carrying Canadian Lumber Products please reach out here.

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