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  • The Snowtree BoroBuddy™ Magnetic Cleaner is the ideal tool for keeping your water pipe clean. Its magnetic and compact design allows it to reach all the nooks and crannies of your pipe, making it easy to keep it in top condition. Snowtree has designed a product that helps you maintain cleanliness without the fuss.

  • Keep your water pipe clean and safe with the Snowtree BoroBuddy™ Magnetic Cleaner. Utilizing a powerful magnetic force, it clings to the inside of your pipe, easily removing resin, biofilm, and other debris. The BoroBuddy works on a variety of materials, including glass, acrylic and silicone, and is safe to use on any surface. Enjoy a clean pipe with this highly effective cleaning tool.

  • The Snowtree BoroBuddy™ Magnetic Cleaner is the perfect choice for effortless cleaning of your water pipe. Made from durable materials, this compact cleaner attaches to your pipe wall for quick and easy scrubbing. Enjoy long-lasting use and reliable cleaning results with the BoroBuddy™ Magnetic Cleaner.

  • The BoroBuddy Magnetic Cleaner is a must-have accessory for any water pipe owner. It is an effective and affordable way to maintain the cleanliness of your water pipe and ensure that you always get the smoothest and most flavorful smoking experience.
  • 1 x BoroBuddy™ Handle.
  • 1 x Bar Magnetic Cleaner (This goes inside your glass)
  • 1 x Circular Magnetic Cleaner (This goes inside your glass)
  • 10 x BoroBuddy™ cleaning Pads (Bar)
  • 10 x BoroBuddy™ cleaning Pads (Cylinder)
  • 1 x Forcep. (Use this to remove dirty pad)

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