O PetPal | Multi Vitamin Soft Chew Treats for Dogs

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  • 10 in 1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL TREATS - Delicious, once-daily chews providing a nutritional foundation for everyday support in hip & joints, digestion, urinary, performance, eye, liver, skin, immune systems, and more. Including essential minerals and nutrients in highly bioavailable forms.
  • TARGET PROBIOTICS - IMMUNE/ BLADDER/GUT: Ingredients that support the gut flora, normal kidney functions, bladder, and immune systems including, cranberry extracts, 6-strain bacteria blend, digestive blend, and more.
  • TARGET HIP & JOINT SUPPORT - A powerhouse of joint-supporting ingredient complexes including MSM and Glucosamine which work together to maintain an active lifestyle and prevent wear & tear.
  • TARGET SKIN / BRAIN / HEART - With powerful Vitamin B complexes, Wild Cod Liver Oil, and antioxidants such as CoQ10, PETPAL's treats provide a healthy dose of Omega-3s and reduce oxidative stress to support cardiovascular, liver, and brain functions.
  • WHEN LOVE MEETS QUALITY - Working together with a team of "pet nutritionists" and experts with decades of experience, Petpal's supplements are crafted with thought and care in every single step of the process. Made in cGMP approved facility with all products under satisfaction, 365-day refund guarantee.
  • 99 Soft chews (360g / 12.7oz)

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