O PetPal | Hip & Joint Mobility Powder for Dogs

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  • MOBILITY & JOINT SUPPLEMENT: This one’s for the furry friends who need a little help to keep moving and smelling butts. Promotes and maintains healthy joints, mobility, cartilage, and discomfort in normal, daily activity.
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH FORMULA - Contains natural sources of chondroitin, msm, glucosamine, and hyaluronic acid and nutrients that are clinically proven ingredients to help support daily motion.
  • MULTI-COMPLEX INGREDIENTS - Made with no fillers, additives, sweeteners, or flavourings. It’s made of 4 matrix ingredients. Perfect as flavor toppers on meals and suitable for dogs of all ages.
  • ZOOM DOG - As our friends age, just like us, they lack certain nutrients which put breaks on being mobile and active. Key ingredients work together to help support connective tissues, stiffness, protect aging joints, and promote bioavailability of sulfur which helps maintain healthy levels of collagen
  • WHEN LOVE MEETS QUALITY - Working together with a team of "pet nutritionists" and experts with decades of experience, Petpal's supplements are crafted with thoughts and care in every single step of the process. Made in cGMP approved facility with all products under satisfaction, 365-day refund guarantee.

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