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Papirosatube in Canada from papirosa tube on Vimeo.

Very popular and well known in Europe and Asia, PAPIROSATUBE telescopic tubes are now available in North America.

PAPIROSATUBE – LARGE CALIBER is an outstanding brand in the smoking accessories industry. Its glue-free joint technology is a major innovation created to meet the needs of tobacco enthusiasts and to deliver satisfaction.

The telescopic pre-rolled paper tube is really a very practical and easy to use new invention. Made in two pieces from cardboard and thin durable eco-friendly tissue paper, it does not require any modifications or special efforts to use. The accessory will help you quickly and accurately fill in the content.

In addition, because of its telescopic tube form, you can easily dose the required amount of the product you are using; definitely, a very convenient tube to stuff with your favorite tobacco.

Ultra-thin and slow-burning, PAPIROSATUBE tubes have a standard length of 82 mm and the possibility of extending up to 120 mm.

Enjoy a dynamic function, a unique product and a special paper structure without additives allowing an impeccable combustion every time and until the very end.

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