O Ooze | Glyco Bong Glycerin Chilled Glass Water Pipe

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Have you ever added ice to your bong to make the smoke cooler and less harsh? The Ooze Glyco Freeze Bong has found a way to get that same sensation without having to add ice! Ice will melt as you smoke, raising the water level. No one wants to take a bong rip and have the bong water splash their lips! The Glyco is made of strong borosilicate glass and includes a matching bowl that has a glass screen. Fill the bong to cover the black showerhead percolator. We recommend putting the Glyco in the freezer for at least 1 hour before you plan to light up if you\'re looking for super frosty hits.

Enjoy smooth, cool smoke without the ice with the Glyco Freezable Glycerin Bong! The glass is filled with liquid glycerin and the piece features a small perc, curved mouthpiece, and includes a matching glycerin-filled 14mm male flower bowl

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