O Macklin Jones - Natural Unrefined Pre-Rolled cone Bottle

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Options: 109 mm

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MJ Unbleached pre-roll cones are a natural alternative to traditional bleached cones. Made from unrefined and unbleached paper, Our 50 count bottle of unbleached cones offer a clean and smooth smoking experience without any harsh chemicals or artificial additives. They also have a subtle, natural taste that doesn't interfere with the flavor of your chosen smoking material.

  • Size : 109 mm, 84 mm and 60 mm available
  • 50 cones per bottle
  • Made to work in your Knock Box or Thumper
  • Paper : Made in France
  • NON GMO / TFC / VEGAN / GMP Certified /  ISO 9001 / 100% Authenticity Product

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