Juicy Jays King Size Supreme Birthday Cake 24ct


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Juicy Jay’s King Size Supreme-Birthday Cake is the perfect gift birthday gift for any herb lover! These come in a box of 24 packs of 40 papers! A must have for any store. They come in colorful packaging with a big red bow on the front. The top flap is even perforated for use as filter tips! The rolling papers are printed with slices of frosted birthday cake, and the smell and taste are delectable. Each king size leaf is 110mm by 44mm, and packed laying flat and unfolded — crease-less for smoother burning.

  • Box of 24 packs of 40 papers
  • Juicy Jays Rolling Paper Rolls are created with the exclusive triple-dipped flavor for a longer lasting freshness and sweet flavor
  • Juicy Jays Rolling Papers are imprinted with the according motif. Each Roll is 5 meters long approximately.

Juicy Jays Rolling Papers are flavored rolling papers with long lasting freshness!

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