Juicy Jones Cones with Dank 7 Tips 24ct


Flavours: Watermelon

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Juicy Jay’s Cones with dank 7 tips come in 24 tubes of 2 pre rolled cones each. These are fully flavoured, not just at the gum strip like many other brands. These rolling papers are designed to enhance the natural flavours of your smoke. They are produced with the proprietary “triple-dipped” flavouring system, allowing the entire paper to safely be infused with delicious flavours! 

  • 24 cones of 2 x Juicy Jay’s Pre Rolled Cones
  • These come in a hard tube that prevents your cones from being crushed and a screw on lid that locks in all those fruity flavours
  • Re-Usable Dank 7 Tip means they have been left for 7 whole days to soak up the individual flavour you are buying
  • Size: 90mm
  • Triple-Dip Flavour System
  • Re-Sealable Pack For Freshness

Juicy Jay come in 4 flavors: Blackberry, Blueberry, Grape and Watermelon!

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