O Green Monkey | Chacma grinder - 63mm

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The Hollywood monkey, Capuchins, are often seen in films and are a popular pet among celebrities, causing controversy. The Capuchin Grinder is a true classic, well-known, easily recognizable, reliable, and efficient! This standard 4-piece, no-frills grinder is a timeless essential. A magnetic lid holds sharp teeth that quickly grind your herb to the perfect, fluffy consistency. The storage chamber has a mesh screen to sift the flower and collect pollen. The bottom chamber contains a scraper shaped like a guitar pick, showcasing the Capuchin's many talents.!


  • 63 mm
  • 4-Piece Grinder
  • Fine Mesh Screen
  • Titanium Finish
  • Made from Aluminum
  • Comes with a scraper

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