O CANEMPIRE | The Ultimate CanGame 420-Themed Party Game

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The ultimate stoner card game that will get you and your buddies fully oxygenated!


It's simple! We have gathered ALL the best party games in one and, as always, added our 420 touch to it!


Containing 5 amusing game modes and 200 cards, it is sure to light up all your sesh parties!

Most Likely (38 cards) - Everyone at the same time must point to the player who’s most likely to accomplish the scenario on the card.

This or That (38 cards) - Each card features 2 scenarios. Everyone at the same time must choose their preferred scenario by showing 1 or 2 fingers to the rest of the group. The minority takes a hit. When tied, you decide!

Voting Time (38 cards) - One after the other, every player must vote according to the scenario on the card and explain their choice to the group.

Never Have I Ever (38 cards) - Every player who has done the scenario on the card takes a hit.

Action (38 cards) - Perform the scenario on the card.



First, gather 3 or more players.

Shuffle the 200 cards.

Taking turns, each player must draw a card and read it out loud.

Then, follow the situation written on the card.

And... that's about it!


But you know... as they say, rules are meant to be broken! We want to bring you fun and laughter, not a headache! The player of The Ultimate CanGame is free to create its own rules! Conceived to be played nice and easy, no matter how high you’ll get, you’ll be able to enjoy it.


** When the card mentions to take a hit, gently note that we're only talking about hits of air! We want you to get fully oxygenated and that’s all! ;) **

**The Ultimate CanGame is strictly dedicated to adults who have reached the age of majority in their country/state. Each player is responsible for complying with the rules in force in their country. This game was intended for entertainment purposes only and does not in any way encourage or promote cannabis nor its consumption. **

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