O Beamer 1 1/4 size vegan hemp cone 15 pack per box

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Pre-rolled cones are the easiest way to smoke: just grind up your smoking herb, pack it in the cone, twist the end, and you have a perfect cone that’s ready to go. But these cones are more than just convenient—they’re some of the smoothest cones you’ll ever smoke! Made from quality Canadian hemp that’s never treated with chlorine or bleach, the cones have a subtle natural flavor that perfectly complements the taste of your smoking herbs. Each resealable pack comes with four 1 ¼ size cones, so you’ll have enough to share—if you want to, that is. Enjoy!

  • 15 packs per box
  • 1 ¼ size (79mm) vegan hemp pre-rolled cones from Beamer Smoke
  •  The easiest way to smoke a perfect cone
  •  Made from pesticide-free and GMO-free hemp grown in Canada
  •  Cones are made without chlorine or bleach and are 100% tobacco-free
  •  Comes with 4 cones per pack

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