6" Hemper Showerhead Puck Rig

HemperSKU: WP0517-BLACK

Colour: Black

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Introducing the "6" Hemper Showerhead Puck Rig", a rugged and durable piece designed for powerful rips! Crafted to withstand impact, this rig has proven its resilience on our Instagram – surviving impacts like a champ, even with nails hammered on it, without a scratch! But toughness isn't its only feature; it also delivers exceptional performance. The 360-degree showerhead perc ensures hot smoke is thoroughly diffused through the water, enhancing flavor and smoothness. The large chamber allows for substantial hits with minimal resistance, while the bent neck design prevents splashback. Standing at 6 inches tall and equipped with a 14mm female joint, this rig comes complete with a tobacco bowl.


  • Style: Puck
  • Perc: Circle/Showerhead
  • Neck: Bent
  • Joint: 14mm Female
  • Height: 6'' Inches

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