6.25" Hemper Blue Whale XL Bong

HemperSKU: JWP0623

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Dive into the ocean with the "6.25" Hemper Blue Whale XL Bong", a glass masterpiece embodying the playful spirit of a friendly blue whale. This bong features a cheerful face decal and is equipped with a robust showerhead percolator, along with a Blue Whale Bowl, creating an oceanic oasis on your table.

Key Features:

  • Height: 6.25 inches
  • Diameter: 5 inches
  • Thickness: 5mm for durability
  • Percolator: Showerhead Perc for smooth smoke diffusion
  • Large Blue Whale Body for a unique and whimsical design
  • Clear Water Spout Mouthpiece for easy use

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