O 15.5" Mosaic 7mm glass bong with inline diffuser and tree arm percolator [MSAK-11]

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This stunning 15.5" Mosaic 7mm glass bong will have you mesmerized! With an impressive inline diffuser and 8-arm tree percolator, its extraordinary quality borosilicate glass and 3 pinched ice catcher is unparalleled. The stemless bowl is a snug fit for 18mm female joint. Get ready to be amazed!
  • Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Mosaic decoration
  • 15.5" Height
  • Inline diffuser & 8 tree arms percolator
  • Tube Thickness : 7 mm
  • 3 Pinched ice catcher
  • Stemless
  • Thick bowl  for 18 mm female Joint

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