M002 Mooks Heady Bong from Mooks Glass Canadian Artist

Mooks GlassSKU: M002 Mooks Heady Bong

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These beauties feature Mook’s signature Fillacello base
/ Booty. (Fillacello is a Retticello with the diamonds filled
in with colour). A rewig midsection, full colour except the
beaker so you can see the Filla and your toke. Zanfirico
and solid colour horns, colour 19mm handformed joint
and a 14mm-19mm rewig downstem, with 3 holes to the
side for cycling percolation function. (The bubbles spin
around the tank). Comes with 14mm coloured bowl. An
all-around beautiful and superbly functioning work of art!
Great for dabs, hash bowls or herb. - A must-have for any
serious glass collector.


Multiple colours and patterns are available as these are all one of one pieces, each one unique