O Gotoke | Cartoon Grinder, 4 Parts (50 mm)

GotokeSKU: GT-1022102

Material: Cartoon A

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Featuring a classic design with vividly-embellished cartoons, the Gotoke | Cartoon Grinder is a must-have item for all grinding enthusiasts. Our experienced visual designer has crafted this 4-part 50 mm grinder with exquisite care and attention.

This grinder is crafted with quality aluminum alloy material, providing exceptional durability and resistance to deformation, corrosion, and fading. Moreover, its strong magnets ensure a secure lid and drawer, preventing any spilling or loss of freshness.

This weed grinder design with four pieces and three-chamber, includes a magnetically sealed cap, a grinder, a mesh screen, and a catch tray.

  • The first layer use for grinding. Has 48 teeth 30 degrees diamond teeth, the sharp grinding teeth can help you save time and effortlessly. Just need to twist the grinding cover several times, can be fully ground.
  • The second layer has a removable stainless mesh screen, use for filtering through smaller particles.
  • The last layer has a handy scraper and a cleaning brush, which are equal parts cute and helpful in order not to ensure no waste of any “pollen.”

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