Boveda 62% Humidor Packets - 12ct

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Boveda 62% Humidor Packets come in a display pack of 12. 

  • Display pack of 12
  • Boveda humidity packets are made with patented formula of all-natural salts and purified water
  • Help retain the natural terpenes within your supply for a cleaner and more effective product. 
  • Two way humidity control packs allow for long lasting potency and aroma.
  • Place your cigar humidity pack in an airtight container keeping it dense and moist for up to 2-6 months of freshness. Add more humidifier packs in your large storage bin to keep them lasting for an extended period of time.
  • Boveda keeps the Relative Humidity (RH) stable within your storage container

The 62%  Boveda humidor packets fit perfectly into various sizes of storage containers, bulk airtight tubs, cigar humidors and much more. Their larger size is ideal for storing up to 1 pound of material.

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