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We are a family run corporation that sells premium brands and unique items from domestic and international vendors.
Our goal is to provide top shelf service to all of the smoke shops across Canada.


We named our company after our first family pet, our beloved Smokey the cat, whom we nicknamed Smoking Cat. Since we started our company in 2015, we have been donating 10% of our annual profits to various animal shelters and charities as a way of giving back to the unsung heroes in Canada, the household pet.


When we started the company we dealt with all of the chains and flagship stores in Ontario, developing a reputation for professional and honest business. In fact, we ended up forming a coalition of all of the largest chains in order to enhance our business. Join our family today by becoming a distributor.

Please prove you are human by selecting the Cannabis Leaf.


Come in and look around. With updates every few months, we bring in new lines and styles of glass and vaporizers. If there is anything you are interested in, please feel free to contact us to discuss volume discounts. With Richard in charge, we will always take care of you with large smiles.